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5 impactful videos to make you act (Tim Ferriss, Jack Ma, Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Emily Jackson)

What to do when you are running thoughts (of what to do)?

You know the times when you feel like not doing anything, pushing the tasks to the next day, and the next day, energy levels are not the same, thoughts of “why am I doing this” are in your head, you have lost focus and clarity. The feeling of being on the plateau with nowhere to move and in the worst case of scenario you feel like you are up against the wall. But something has to be done, everything seems to be OK on the outside  (that’s what people around you say). You have clients, work and you are doing something you have wanted. You can’t complain, because there are people who are doing worse.

Well, even on the best moments of your life, when you seemingly have achieved everything you wanted (and especially when you have focused on achieving the goal, not enjoying the process) we have doubts, we start procrastinating and feel confused.


Simon Sinek’s important observation.

Self-help or necessary kick?

There is a plentiful choice of self-help books and videos available. Motivational quotes are everywhere. The abundance of this has made some people doubt the helpfulness of self-help, yet, I say that it depends on whether you read and nod or read and DO. Everything has its place. I have read plenty of self-help books in my life and “Liked” and shared hundreds of inspirational quotes but I have also acted upon them. I have visited a psychologist because I just could not tolerate the workload pressure. Throughout the years I have formed my own habits and go-to videos and books that will help me get back on track to a happy, successful, joyful and meaningful life.

My very own theory of personal branding has elements of self-help in it. Complimented by hard-core strategies and marketing. Clients who come for personal branding strategy consultation oftentimes realize that they really do not have to start with marketing but first need to get their own vision and values straight and form their personal request for ideal life and only then can start thinking about work, promotion, visibility. Yes, your inner beliefs and wishes are an important basis for self-marketing and strong personal brand. So you you really need a good dose of inspiration and self-revelation to take the next and the RIGHT step forward. Big names and famous people help to convey that message, because we tend to believe that if they made it, it is possible for us as well. And here come my suggestions for videos that are impactful and deep and used right, they will make you act.

I create opportunities might just as well be my very own tagline …

What motivates and inspires me?

I do like a good motivational video just like any other person. But I like more the videos that have actionable ideas in it. So below you will find five of them, very different but effective ones. These videos resonate with me and my beliefs and made me accept myself and my choices. These are not videos where you are told to think positive. These are videos that simply bring you back to earth, to realization what you can control and what you can’t. What’s important and what really is not. They help you start a thought process on what you yourself can do to better your life. Not to blame the circumstances and accuse others but take matters into your own hands. This has been my own life work. To take away the pain that people feel when they think that nothing (they really want) is possible. To help see possibilities everywhere, to be self-aware and ready for risks so you could make the right decision about the choices you make.

So, take this time to watch some videos, make notes and set your mind to better your well-being. If you have any suggestions of great videos or feel like these videos have helped you, do write liisi@persoonibrand.ee and give feedback. Send in your questions that arise as well so I could answer them.

Simon Sinek

Mel Robbins

Tim Ferriss

Jack Ma


Emily Jackson

Which of the videos spoke to you?


If you are ready for action, contact me for personal branding and performance coaching and self-marketing strategies.

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