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Personal branding

Liisi Toom, owner and consultant of Personal Branding Agency

Liisi Toom, owner and consultant of Personal Branding Agency

Personal branding is relevant practice to those taking charge of their professional career or as a leader, of their company and mission.

Truth to be told, you already have a brand as brand is something that people say about you when you leave the room. Personal brand follows the idea of taking strategic steps to getting yourself out there professionally as do Tiger Woods, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Stephen Hawkingg, etc – people who are experts in a field and combine their skills, talents, mission and clear marketing to create something meaningful. While these names are globally known, it only takes your specific niche to know your name to be successful and happy and professionally engaged. And that is what personal branding helps you achieve, success after your own liking, using your own set of skills in a way that is natural to you communicating authentically to the right people be it clients or employer or team. Personal brand is good for following reasons:

Personal branding for entrepreneur, leader and expert

  • secure options and choices that you want in your professional life, clients, projects and employment,
  • secure trustworthiness,
  • fulfill your personal aspiration while creating meaning both for yourself and for others,
  • secure the reputation of a “go-to-person” in your chosen field.

Personal branding for organization

  • establish a sustainable company with good and truthful reputation,
  • have employees who are with the right skill-set and the right mindset that aligns with company
    values and needs,
  • employees are the main channel of company branding,
  • secure the development of the company services and products,
  • secure best client service=loyal customers,
  • and after all – clients will follow people to whichever organization they are, as long as they like the person.

It is all about sustainability of your, as a personal brand and your, as a company success, profitability and alignment with values.

The big 4 Personal Branding Questions:

1. Who you are and what is your personal style, values and aspirations?
2. What are your (motivated) skills and talents?
3. What does the world need?
4. (How) are you visible to the right people?

The trick to molding the answers into your personal niche, your X-factor or the Brand Called YOU is to unite the bits and pieces of your personal story to a clear professional service or product offer. Important is to see what has driven you and to put down facts that confirm your way of doing things. Start with your CV and portfolio – these tools, when updated regularly are your proof!

Once you have answered these questions, it is up to you to:

– keep your brand promise
– maintain your presence by doing WOW-work and being visible at the right time, place and to right people
– constantly developing, revising your experience, values and skills and the needs of the market and learning new tricks.

There is a lot you can do and already are doing for your professional personal brand. You might say “I just do work I know best” or “I am not gonna boast about myself”. And that is fine. Your work speaks for itself. But if you need some clarity and strategic planning to withhold the changes of the new economy and within yourself, …

Personal branding coach and strategist will help you to

  • clearly see what is your unique offering,
  • helps you put your unique skill-set and personality into words and visualize it through personal visual identity,
  • choose your next step in your career, be it next project, new job or becoming an entrepreneur, changing your business model or getting that talk in highly valued conference and media,
  • develop your team more effective and more satisfied with what they do,
  • choose and plan your marketing activities from CV and LinkedIn profiles to content marketing and networking,
  • create strong, attractive and authentic image of you as a skilled professional in your field,
  • will help you overcome fear, insecurity that comes from not being aware of your own niche,
  • gives you skills in communication and marketing,
  • supports you all the way and mirrors you to get you to the coveted next level.

Personal Branding Agency

Our agency is a all-round communication service provider for entrepreneurs, managers and experts helping them from clarifying goals to marketing their services and skills. We offer full range of services from coaching, content writing, event marketing, strategy planning, visual identity and website building to training courses and launching a brand to new market.

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