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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban quotes on work, entrepreneurship and competition

Teachings for entrepreneurs by entrepreneur billionaire Mark Cuban

I love Mark Cuban. Having now watched Shark Tank for some time for inspiration and a bit of a research purposes, I have grown to like him the most out of the sharks aka investors. Why? Because he is the realest you can get. Yes he is cocky, he is a “lifestyler” and enjoys a big life (that he has earned himself) and calls out when a pitching entrepreneur is fake. But he is also warm to entrepreneurs who he sees are real. He gives advice, support and is generally kind. And that sets him apart from the others. He is true to himself, honest, outspoken, mission-driven, enjoying life and happy to help others to succeed.

I started to look for what he has said in the media and to learn more about him. I found pretty harsh quotes from him. Its not all fluffy, though the main principle for life: find what you love and get great at it, he also supports. The rest are not so “easy” that I think today’s “self-help” and “get rich quick” junkies would like.

Here are few that I like and I hope to live more by them as I can honestly say that when I read his quotes I feel like there is so much more I can do! Hope it inspires you!

Quote no 1: I love to compete. To me, business is the ultimate sport. It’s always on. There is always someone trying to beat me.


Having been doing sport more actively in the recent years, I get it. Though, for me the race is always first and foremost with yourself. Will you be able to win over your previous self? Because its a hard work, to become the best. And there is no room for second in sport. I guess there are people who do like competing in general, people who have the inner drive and motivation. People who will not ask others to motivate and inspire them but who will be motivation to others. I have always been that way. It is not a quiet place, but its fun.


Quite a few people have started companies because they had to. Some because they thought its an easy money. Having a company is hard work so you better love what you do and be ready to learn a lot, because being an entrepreneur means that it is not only your own field you need to know, but it is hundred other skills you need to acquire. Loving your mission and the hustle will help you get through the difficulties and constant changes.

This is just so well put: Sweat equity is the only equity that counts. You may have a lot of money, skills and a brilliant product, but if you are not out there working, its all pretty worthless. I have felt this beforehand – there are times when I am tired of my own thing and I take a break. Everything just stops. The minute I commit, everything starts moving, clients come, opportunities show themselves. And really, only working and sweating gives you results to be happy about.

You wouldn’t think Mark Cuban is afraid of failing. But it really makes sense. There are plenty of world class artists who say,m that they are never satisfied – that it what it takes to create something bigger then life, to put yourself and your dreams out there.

So you thought that becoming an entrepreneur means that you call all the shots? Or you want to leave paid job because you don’t want to be owned by a company? Here’s the news: it doesn’t matter whether you work for someone on a regular contract or are an entrepreneur, the person who pays for your time owns you. BUT the question is how well you have created your services and what is your mindset.


Being aware of what you truly want to do and what it will take to get there is in the core of what I teach. Too many people give up their dreams because they think it is not possible. It would take only a bit of research and planning to figure out a path. Without preparing and leaving your comfort zone it is impossible to get anywhere even if the road to your success is right in front of you.

“Work like there is someone working 24h a day to take it all away from you” – this is a harsh one and also shows why Cuban is Cuban. Most of us will get an anxiety attack quickly when they start thinking about all the people who are their competition. If you manage to turn it to a positive, to the carrot or stick that pushes you to take another step, work harder and keep your dream in front of your eyes, you can get so much further.

When you start a business (not a hobby!), you have to be very focused and clear headed. Though in personal branding I would say that it is impossible to offer exactly the same thing as other people, when creating a huge business, doing what others do without properly distincting yourself is madness. You will need to differentiate drastically to get success.

And to finish this post on a positive note, it is still about loving what you do. Whether you are aiming to be a billionaire or just want to have a nice lifestyle that feeds you and your family, loving what you do is key.


Enjoy life and what you do and be happy!