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3 recommendations to thrive as a CEO of your life

You are the boss of yourself in the future of work

It’s a long time since each and every person has the opportunity to design his/her own lifestyle, as well as professional challenges. It is actually a must to knowingly design one’s life, because the responsibility for self growth, skill development and self care is all on you. Automation, rapid change of required skills and broad range of new opportunities in almost every field to create a new position is unique and it is here now. So if you until now have believed that you are not the person who has a choice or you don’t have to take charge of your life and work, I hope you see that becoming aware of yourself and opportunities makes your chances of having a thriving and long lasting life bigger.

Among the variety and stress of the new work market and the demands it has, I have three main recommendations that will keep you safe, happy, provides guidance and gives you freedom to be the CEO of your own life in a smart way. I am not talking about the need to constantly renew and add on to your professional skills, the ability to find clients and present yourself nor the importance of self-awareness and self development. These following suggestions are the most important strategic points I can make. I hope they inspire you as well as this blog here inspires you on your path.


Recommendations to entrepreneurs, CEOs, achievers

These are my most important recommendations that every one who wants to be mindful about his/her life design and successful career and business.


Isn’t it strange that an entrepreneurship blog recommends resting? Not really. I have felt it myself and have seen how high achievers, micro entrepreneurs and CEOs lose the glitter in their eyes, creativity and all sensibility due to lack of rest and relaxation. Learning about performance coaching I have learnt that winners are those who know how to rest at the right time. This rest, vacation can be a weekly day off, relaxing art class or regular run with friends. You should rest before it is too late, because in case of burn out, the time it takes to fully recover is a lot longer. So it pays and provides a better quality of life to rest. I recommend you plan your weekly, monthly and yearly vacations just as you do with your work tasks.

Recognise opportunities.

Oftentimes experts and small business owners and CEOs are the biggest self-handicappers. The better they are the stronger the voice in their head calculating, analyzing, measuring and evaluating. No, you are not mad, but doing things on your own and in high-achievement environment one can easily become too aware, too critical and thus stop moving forward and risking. But this is also the reason why people don’t see or use opportunities life organically offers. You don’t have to get everything right, you don’t even have to know all the results. If you relax and let the situations deliver new pathways you will learn to see opportunities in places you could have never strategically plan them. I think this is one of my favorite part in coaching and doing marketing for small businesses and personal brands – to see the vast array of opportunities they really have but they themselves don’t see, because they are too in in their field, shy or self-conscious.


Find and keep your focus.

What you focus on will become a reality. Have you heard that before? It is actually easy to focus, but the problem is that you probably want to focus on all the things at the same time. From doing many tasks at the same time to communicating all the wonderful services you could possibly provide, just so that nothing is left out.  But it is now scientifically confirmed that multi-tasking doesn’t help you make things faster and I can promise you that sending too broad of a message about your services will only confuse potential clients. So at any point of time you have to choose both on what is important – your family, career of self development as well as while doing your job, to prioritize and stay on focus on a task at hand, in marketing, communicating the right things to the right client segment.  Your focus shows your priorities and it shows how clear you are yourself. And your priorities build your future. If today, working for someone else, you don’t focus on developing your skills, you might not have the necessary competitive edge tomorrow. If as a business owner you don’t focus on marketing, you might not have the clients to serve tomorrow. Without mindfulness focus you leave yourself to the hands of others when instead you could build your own life and create your own rules.


You really need only so little for success

The meaning of success is different for everyone. Don’t you agree that we actually need so much less for being happy and feeling successful then we think? If you can enjoy what is here and now, this moment in time on your career path or life in general, then all the visions get a new meaning and feel more attainable. And that’s what success is, to be happy when you still work for your vision and not worry about if and when it will become a reality. These three above mentioned suggestions will help you play the long game in a healthy, mindful way.