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Work and life balance: plan your vacation

I was surprised to notice that entrepreneurs and CEOs who came to seek advice on how to market their business better and to get the motivation to work on their business back had one thing in common. They hadn’t planned their rest-time. As soon as we included shorter and longer periods of rest, activities and free time to their regular time-plan, the smiles came back to their faces, energy levels rose and the businesses started to flourish again.

1. Plan your free time regularly.

Just like your regular work week, tasks and meetings, you should plan your hobbies, coffee breaks and chill-out sessions. And what is more – keep them religiously. Your good work depends on it.


2. One day with no specific plan.

I talk a lot about planning but the truth of the matter is, there has to be a moment that is unplanned. So make a day out of a week or a month where you have no responsibilities to others nor to yourself. Wake up when you feel ready, wear pajamas as long as you want, drink coffee and read gossip magazines in bed. Watch out of the window and just think about stuff. Go out for a run, or not. Call a friend, or not. There is plenty of things to do and NOT to do.

3. Longer vacations

You must have a 1 – 2 weeks holiday planned every 6 months or so. Especially when you have some extremely important work related projects or some major life change at hand that requires your full attention and takes away all the small breaks. A longer vacation that is there, fixed, plane tickets bought, hotel booked, is a motivation that helps you focus and also gives you a possibility to take fully care of yourself as soon as the task is finished.

4. Rest your mind

Mental health is one of the focus points in today’s discussions about work-life balance. We are so focused on succeeding that we forget the impact it has on our mental health. So, start being nice to yourself, stop beating yourself up about things and offer some beauty and relaxation, some mental challenges and development in the form of intellectual courses, meditation, painting, literature, etc.

5. Rest your body.

Body is the second part of the “Body & mind balance” equation. Without physical health you will soon fail to do anything. Eating well, sleeping well and regular exercises are a most TRIO. It can start with walking to work to finding a great exercise that suits your schedule. There are so many options now and it is never too late to start.

These are my 5 suggestions to keep your life balance, mental and physical health in check and something that actually brings you back to the feeling of enjoyment from your work. If you like these points, do share the post and comment how you put them in practice.

If you wish to start a balanced and focused lifestyle contact me for coaching liisi@persoonibrand.ee. See more possibilities to kick-start, re-invent and grow your business.