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Liisi Toom

Personal branding and PR coach Liisi Toom

Liisi Toom

CEO, personal branding and PR consultant



Liisi Toom is the go-to person in personal branding in Estonia. She uses her own personal branding model to help entrepreneurs, experts and leaders of corporations achieve goals via reputation management, strategy, focus, marketing and lifestyle management.

Throughout 9 years, she has promoted, coached and trained thousands of people who want to live a life on their own terms. Her background is in corporate PR, she has worked for a successful IT company ZeroTurnaround and Estonian National Museum. She has a MA in Communication Management (University of Tartu) and currently studies psychology.

She has trained career specialists for Estonian Employment Fund, entrepreneurs on several Tartu Entrepreneurship Days from 2009 – 2016, all in all she has made a personal branding term a household term in Estonia and brought about new way of thinking about ones’ career and professional reputation throughout the last 10 years.

Outside her personal branding business, inspirational talks and blogging, she is striving to become a sprint kayaker and learn more about performance coaching to enhance the possibilities of helping the clients to first see and then seize their opportunities even faster and with mental health in mind.