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You know what your skills are and what you are good at? Time to make it visible. This service is for those who have good skills and unique skill set that they want to offer as a service or to get a job position. You are expert in your field, we are experts in making that visible. We will help you:

  • put into words your uniqueness and unique selling proposition (So what do you do?)
  • create an effective marketing plan for your personal brand
  • decide on marketing tools that are easy to use and authentic for you
  • give feedback on your current visibility and the message you give out
  • give advice and coach you through the marketing giving you the personal branding expert skills.
  • share good tips, information on how you yourself can feel confident marketing yourself
  • help you get new clients and the right job
  • help you with visual identity, website and blogs, content marketing, CV, LinkedIn and other channels.


70 euros / hour for individual consultation
from 250 euros a month for long-term consultation

We also provide training courses on the topic and help teams where individual marketing is relevant.

Our clients are various consultants, real-estate pros, artists, leaders, personnel managers, journalists, bloggers, etc.