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Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR

Communication and marketing are the key components for both entrepreneurs launching their company and large companies, non-governmental organisations and also experts to get their message to the right people. Fail to do it effectively and you waste your money for no results.

Not all companies need a full-time PR person

That’s where we come in. We will gladly help you with smaller projects, evaluation or coaching and training your team and executives on communication tactics.

  • organize ad implement surveys among organisation members, employees, clients and followers
  • give feedback to management about communication and marketing strategy
  • coach you through your company communication and marketing strategy
  • we write the strategy and implement it if needed
    • recruitment plan
    • media relations plan
    • social media plan
    • event marketing plan
    • content marketing plan
    • personal branding PR pane
    • service/product/company launch communication
  • planning strategic marketing materials, implementing and ordering them
  • monitoring media, analyse the results and make suggestions for changes.

What is the weakest link in your company? What stops you to send out your personal brand message? Let us help you by giving advice or implementing communication and marketing activities. We pride ourselves of helping companies, small or large with achieving their mission through good communication strategy.