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Content marketing

Content marketing

It is all about the content. Valuable content.

If you need

  • to get more followers,
  • explain what your service or product is about,
  • provide shareable content to get people see your website,
  • build trust,
  • support sales and visibility of your skills,
  • inform your clients, media about you, your mission or product,

then creating, spreading, consistently providing good content with your unique style and keywords will get you the visibility you need.

We will help you

  • map the keywords
  • plan the content strategy
  • find additional channels to spread the word
  • provide you with the visuals to support the text
  • write and edit content or give feedback to content you have written

This applies to

  • blogging
  • press-releases
  • newsletter content
  • articles
  • marketing materials
  • website texts
  • social media statuses

Additionally we will provide content on personal branding, career management, coaching, organisational management, marketing and communication to your internal newsletters, as an article or other written formats.