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10 holiday dinner-table conversation starters

Holiday season is full on. As the end of the year draws closer we gather with colleagues, partners, friends and family to celebrate Christmas and the coming of the New Year full of hope. Two things happen throughout the holiday season – lots of long lunches and dinners with conversations and also self-analysis on what the last year brought. As I believe you are like me and like to get in depth with people rather than stay on small talk, I will provide you with 10 conversation starter questions that will develop you, make your partner think and gives you more insight to the table-partner and his or her values and life. These questions are bound to make the conversation more interesting and bring you closer.

Thought provoking questions for networking and self-development:

  1. For which of your last years’ experience, activity are you most proud of [in personal life, in professional career, outcome of a hobby, managing between many challenges, …]? You can encourage your partner and say that its ok to boast about oneself – you’ve done it!
  2. Three words that describe your last year the best? The first ones that come to your head.
  3. What was the most surprising thing that happened in 2016 that you could not have predicted?
  4. One exciting/something that grew you as a person/ funny experience that you will definitely take with you to years to come?
  5. One experience that you would like to leave in 2016?
  6. To whom are you very grateful this year? Someone who supported you, gave you advice, grew you, gave information in one or another way?
  7. Thinking back to the beginning of the year – or to some of your earlier dreams and wishlists – what can you remove from that list because you have made it or because it is no longer relevant? Maybe there are more than one achieved goals?
  8. Which new dream, wish, goal are you adding to your list (for 2017 or for some unforeseeable future)? A travel plan, financial goal, starting a new career or business, new hobby or studies?
  9. Any new skill-sets, knowledge gained, hobby, client or working experience can you add to your CV and portfolio?
  10. What did you learn about you yourself as an entrepreneur / leader / parent / expert / generally as a person?

Additional questions to continue the conversation:

  • After every answer you get, you can ask “why”? Unless they have already said that.
  • How did it happen? Can you elaborate?
  • And what is you conclusion to that?
  • That’s amazing! (or any other realistic and suitable positive emotion). We all like to be encouraged and recognized. Are you that kind of person who sees when others have been great and expresses it to them?

As you can see, these are questions you yourself should answer when wrapping up 2016 and planning for 2017. The answers are good starters to fill your CV and portfolio with new information when you direct the questions towards your business outcomes, career results or entrepreneurial goals.

You will also notice how much you (or our conversation partner) has achieved without even realizing it.

I hope you will enjoy the self-exploration and get deeper knowledge and better networking outcomes f´through these questions. Be sure to share the post and sare your outcomes with me as well. And as soon as you are ready, get in contact with me to start making strategic plans to execute your career and entrepreneurial dreams!