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The mission of Personal Branding Agency is strongly related to corporate social responsibility in the field of workforce, using one’s potential and the right for satisfying work. We use raising awareness about personal branding as the means to find and work that matches your life goals and gives meaning to your life and surrounding society. To reach our mission we help our clients and also participate in projects that provide that more people will benefit from our activities.

1. Blogging and writing about personal branding, solopreneurs and organisational management

i love brand you Our blog is for those who really wish to make something happen and need inspiration, thought provoking and practical information about entrepreneurship, work and authentic self-presentation. We give out worksheets, news on communication front and thoughts from known entrepreneurs and leaders.

We also introduce our clients who are good examples for others.

e also write for HR.com, Director magazine, newspapers and blogs.

Blog is mainly written by Liisi Toom, owner and consultant of Personal Branding Agency. From time to time we include other authors – experts in their own field.

Want (us) to write about something? Ask for information.


2. We organize career week for adults, provide communication strategy and implementation.

11“Terve karjäär” aka “Healthy career” is an annual career week initiated by Estonian Career Councilors Association. It promotes and gives career planning skills to help adults get a satisfying career and life. We have been wit them from the beginning, working on the communication, media strategy, designed the visual identity, marketing materials and social media marketing and partnership management. And we give workshops on the event.

You can read more about the event here (in Estonian): tervekarjaar.kny.ee